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This song will forever make me picture Liquid Snake, microphone in hand and spangles on pants, standing atop Metal Gear REX with fists extended to the sky.

The Jedi Order needs to issue one of these to every single Master with a horny teenage Padawan. "Master, I was adsfsghgdh WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE" "n______________n"

I see Qui-Gon putting this to good use when Obi-Wan's on his PERIOD again. "*sullen mumble*" "*SCREEEEE*" "OH GOD MASTER WHAT IS IT" "n____n I hear nothing, Ben." See, easy. And he's just mean enough.

citizenjess was kind enough to hand over some PERFECTLY LEGAL COPIES of the Jedi Apprentice Novels, and I... hahahaha, I hate, hate, hate this Qui-Gon, whoever he is, the impostor, but Obi-Wan is kind of ridiculously cute and pissy, and just the right measure of obsessed with his Master to make me think of rackhamrose's Obi-Wan, and just prim and haughty enough in some cases to put me in mind of oninobara's.

AND I REALLY, REALLY LIKE XANATOS. I'M SORRY. I know he was written totally specifically to just be a convenient vessel which fandom could use to exercise their Obi-Wan-gets-horribly-raped fantasies, but sdfsfgdfh he cracks me up with his vague evil!genki shit and his infuriating Qui-Gon at every turn. I HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH HOT EVILS GUYS, OKAY?

Again, I am not terribly fond of the characterization, but the worldbuilding is REALLY neat, as are the species introduced. It's kind of like... I want to pick over this series, like a scanvenger, and snag what I like and reject what I don't, for my own roleplaying and/or writing purposes. There's a whole lot of good stuff about the way the Jedi Order works that I like.

Something that bothers me, just a /little/ bit- and this actually happens in fanfiction, too- is the issue of Master and Padawan attachment... specifically, the degree to which most Padawans, Anakin included, are detached from their Masters in most fanfic and even a lot of the published material. Whatever canon may say about it, it's hard for me to envision a positive relationship in which a person raises, trains, and protects a child without fond touching, without affection, even without that forbidden word, love. One would assume that, if you wish to raise a child to be compassionate- as Jedi are expected to be- you would need to be compassionate /with/ said child.

I'll use Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon as an example, because it ties back to my complaints about the JA novels: Obi-Wan Kenobi is a complex character, with a lot of different sides to him, as most people are. But he comes across, to me at least, as inherently gentle, and well-intended. We meet him first as an older Padawan, but he's still a young man, and still attached to his parental figure, of whom he is clearly deeply fond, whom he clearly respects and obviously is concerned about, when he feels that Qui-Gon is making a bad choice. I don't think his disagreements with Qui-Gon indicate any sort of strange distance between them- far from it. How many authority figures in your life do you feel safe enough to scold, if you think they're making a mistake? The ones you love, right, and the ones you know love you in return? I'm not even talking about slash, here. I'm talking about family. Parenting. Qui-Gon, whatever else he may be to Obi-Wan, is also a paternal figure in his life.

It feels so much more plausible to me for them to be close, for Qui-Gon to be the affectionate if stern teacher, someone who is clearly well invested not just in Obi-Wan's success, but in his happiness as well. The issue of Anakin between them aside, I believe the two of them loved each other, in at least that familiar family capacity.

Now, Anakin and Obi-Wan are a little different, because Anakin is a handful, and a brat, and as difficult as he can possibly be without lashing out at his Master physically. ...And that's another interesting point: here you have a decidedly and purposefully rebellious former slave, calling another man "Master" without any apparent degree of resentment for the title. Whatever the ramifications of /that/ are.

Anakin loves Obi-Wan. He's said it, in those words. (Attack of the Clones novel, weeee. "Don't say that Master, you're the closest thing I have to a father. I love you.") Putting the father part aside briefly- because I don't think Anakin really has any idea what it means to have a father- I think we're given no reason to assume this isn't true. Anakin, in case you haven't noticed, rarely lies directly. In fact, he rarely lies at all. Falsehoods just don't seem to be in him, probably because he's got no mind or capacity for real trickery. (At least, not at this point. He's all about brute force and speaking his mind whenever he feels. He's such a bad Jedi. *L*) So. Anakin loves Obi-Wan.

Does Obi-Wan love Anakin in return?

Other published sources tell us yes, in as many words. (Thank you, Matthew Stover, you are my best friend. Revenge of the Sith novel. "Obi-Wan? You love him, don't you?" Pure uncomplicated love, etc etc, we've all read it by now.) Obi-Wan's not the sort of man to flounce around declaring his love for people, though, because he tends to be A) very private, as a person, and very withdrawn and personal, and B) it's just not what Jedi /do/, and Obi-Wan is nothing if not a Jedi who is striving his hardest to stick as closely to the rules as possibly. (Rules he keeps bending or allowing Anakin to bend- would he have another reason besides affection and love to do such things? Possibly, but...) I think it's safe to say that Obi-Wan does love him. In his own quiet, completely exasperated, "this boy is my precious child and is vital to me in all things and I will rip apart anybody who hurts him but sometimes I want to wring his scrawny neck and leave him dead in an alley somewhere so help me god" sort of way. He's reserved. It's just his way.

So. They love each other, and again, I'm not talking about in a slash sort of way.

So why do so many authors put such a disconnect between them? You lovely people on my flist here, I'm not talking about you at all, just thinking about other things I've read in other places. Distance between a Master and his Padawan seems like it would spell certain doom or even death for a Padawan who has no idea what he or she is doing.

I just wonder about this. What the word is, on just how close Masters and their charges are supposed or expected to be, how close is too close, and would a Master be faulted for chosing to save the life of his eight or nine year old Padawan over that of an innocent bystander? (I had a vaguely dark plot bunny a while ago, along somewhat similar lines, in which a Jedi Master, upon recieving his Padawan, was also given a tiny hypospray to keep with him at all times, containing a single dose of something pleasant and gently fatal, to be used on said Padawan in situations of extreme duress or proposed horrific torture. Never went anywhere with it, though. XD)

What do you guys think, you fellow writers? How close are these relationships, really, and what's crossing the line in the eyes of their society? Are you allowed to love and nurture a child you've raised as your own?

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