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So absentminded cruising of Wikipedia last night led me to the official website of one of my longtime favorite bands, right? Kula Shaker. They broke up years ago, after only two albums and a bunch of singles, but they were awesome anyway. Rock and roll in Sanskrit, you know? Well, you better believe I wasn't expecting to see this on their official website:

It's official. Kula Shaker has arisen from the bottomless pit. How and why will all be revealed in good time, as this site grows, swells and expands.
In the meantime join our mailing list and be the first to find out about secret gigs, free downloads and the inside story on what is sure to be their finest hour.

Holy shit they're reuniting. zsdfgdfhssfhdfjfgjfhfhj I just peed myself.

Uh, uh, uh, anyway! Uh, happy Valentine's day! Yeah, I'm another of those "don't give a damn about this holiday" people, sorry. There's gonna be some wickedly cheap chocolate tomorrow, though.

imadra_blue has a great rant/discussion on the nature of Star Wars slashing and why canon is necessary in your fics, at least to get some of us to read 'em. *grin* I don't know about you guys, but I don't particularly want to read shit about Anakin tearfully confessing to his tru wuv Obi-Wan that somehow- he doesn't know how! The magic of girl cooties? He never touched her, he hates girls!- somehow, he's gotten Padme pregnant. Or Obi-Wan, oh so deeply in wuuuuuuuv and unable to contain it any longer!

If you're wanting your Jedi to have sex, ladies and gentlemen, you have to keep in mind a few important things:

Sex itself is not discouraged. It's within the rules, yes, but there's an all important catch that can make it rather difficult: no attachments. And while yes, that DOES mean a Jedi is permitted to hire him or herself a decent hooker that doesn't smell too bad, it also means that succumbing at last to lust over one of your fellow Jedi, that hot-but-kinda-short Naboo Senator, Jar Jar Binks, or Chancellor Palpatine is way outside the rules. Lust over an individual = attachment, my friends, and we all know what that leads to.

So. Anakin Skywalker is essentially a walking broken rule, no matter who it is you've got him wanting to put his probably rather average sized penis in.

However, he's got a bit of an excuse for his "bad" behavior, here- he grew up in a loving environment, with a mother who cared about him very much, and probably under the idea that someday, he would, you know, meet a girl and fall in love and marry her in whatever fashion. And then his environment changed, and the rules were quite different. But Anakin is a stubborn little kid, and argues, rather than accepts. So he's probably continuing to cling to that idea of his life's progression. Sure, he's a JEDI and it would be BAD to get involved with someone else, but isn't it the natural way things are supposed to go? Silly Jedi, how could they possibly understand? Also, Anakin is CRAZY. For the record.

Wishy washy "omg i am so in luv" Obi-Wan Kenobi is a big no. Frankly, my darlings, you're welcome to write him loving Anakin or Qui-Gon to whatever depth you choose- I've written my Anakin against Obi-Wans who were desperately and tragically pining for a dead Master, Obi-Wans who are in no way willing to succumb to any form of attachment beyond a bit of lust, and who will not be happy about the act once it's done and is likely to blame Anakin for it, and currently there's an Obi-Wan who is a calm and even-handed father figure, who has privately given in to the fact that he cares a great deal for Anakin, And that Anakin should probably be made to know this in some fashion, but is certainly not going to do him the disservice of turning that into a sexual relationship.

You have to be careful with Obi-Wan, people. Very careful. Because while Anakin has that "loving environment" excuse, Obi-Wan does not. I've no doubt that Qui-Gon cared about him very much, and was more or less a good parent, but even he's not the type to encourage that sort of out and out rebellion against the Order. (Man, the first person to bring up Tahl, Siri, and the JA novels is gonna get laughed at, too. *L* I have no idea who that pod person in those books claiming to be Qui-Gon is, but NO. Also, purple eyed perfectly sassy and witty Mary Sues.)

This means, basically: Nightclub Obi-Wan is a no. Weeping virgin Obi-Wan- where the fuck do you get- nnngh. Mooning, daydreaming, head in the clouds over Anakin Obi-Wan- is this a ROMANCE NOVEL?

For good examples of what I mean by a believeable sexual Obi-Wan, I turn you to the likes of imadra_blue, quigonejinn, and oninobara. There are a couple more of you out there, but I can't remember who you are at the moment. *L*

And, you know, you can write whatever you want, honestly. Those of us who're expressing these opinions- we're not oppressing you in some way from writing your "Obi-Wan and Anakin put on a lot of leather and go to a nightclub together to make out wee!" fics. Just... don't expect me to read them, or take them seriously. My personal estimation of a good story is more than that. It's more involved than that. It keeps in mind the consequences of involvement, and most of all, most importantly of all to me, it keeps in mind characterization. This is more complicated than true everlasting love or plain old morn, guys!

You've got a crazy hot kid with father issues and a reserved dutiful older man with, uh, a beard, who have a lot of UST, here. So work with what you've got.

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